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P S Y C H I C   D E V E L O P M E N T
F O R   P R O S P E R I T Y ,   S E L F – D E F E N S E
&   P O L I T I C A L   I N F L U E N C E

A book by Kerth Barker

© Copyright, all rights reserved by Kerth Barker
November 1, 2017


Developing psychic ability can be transformational. There are many stories I could relate to you. The first one that comes to mind is of a woman known to me as Deborah. It’s not her real name, because of her need to remain anonymous, this was the only name she gave me. It was given to her by her psychic colleagues. They named her after a prophetess in the Bible.

Her psychic powers are amazing.

However, before she developed her psychic abilities, her life was rather sad. At a young age she clearly demonstrated a high level of intelligence. But when she became a teenager, she started to talk to her school teachers of having dreams that came true. At first they thought that she was just a bit eccentric. Then she began to have clear intuitive insights in which she knew the secret thoughts of her fellow students, as well as those of her teachers. This offended people, so one of her teachers labeled her as mentally ill.

The psychiatrists that she was turned over to were abusive. Deborah is a black woman. Some of the psychiatrists, who had authority over her in her youth, were white racists. They belittled and drugged her. This psychiatric abuse went on for years. Her struggles with them, along with the fact of being socially mislabeled as mentally ill, eventually drove her into homelessness.

Then one day she met a Christian psychic named James. He convinced her that she wasn’t mentally ill, that she was instead profoundly psychic. She began training with him and other psychic Christians. She got off of the psych-drugs and off of the streets. She put her life back together. She eventually became a psychic consultant to a group of wealthy business persons. Now she is prosperous, lives in a nice home and is part of a secluded community of psychic practitioners.

She told me that she feels like she escaped hell and has entered Heaven. That’s what psychic training did for her. So she was happy to help me create the final revised edition of this handbook for developing psychic abilities.

psyche: The mind and spirit.

psychic: An ability (or a person) that utilizes mental focus and spiritual awareness to acquire information or to influence change in the world.

gifts of the spirit: From 1 Corinthians 12 of the Holy Bible, this refers to spiritual gifts, given to believers, by the Holy Spirit; gifts such as wisdom, knowledge, healing, the ability to inspire others and the power to perform miracles.

psychic practitioner: Someone who has developed his or her psychic powers and uses them on a regular basis.

psychic threshold: This is the barrier that prevents you from accepting and using your natural inborn psychic abilities. The psychic threshold is something you must pass through in order to become a psychic practitioner. Passing through this threshold is the point in psychic training where the student is able to awaken psychic abilities so that they remain persistently present and useful.

The three major influences upon this book are remote viewing, Christianity and Reiki healing:

Remote viewing (RV) is a structured system of psychic perception developed by the U.S. government during the Cold War. For a period of years, I was in communication with some Christians who practiced remote viewing during the Cold War as well as some who were trained in remote viewing after the government ended its RV program. These Christians who studied remote viewing came to realize that they could make use of some of the techniques and concepts found in remote viewing to develop a new system for psychic development. With continual experimentation, this system evolved over time, and this book is the final outcome of that process.

This book doesn’t teach remote viewing. RV is a highly effective system for an expanded perception of reality. But it is also a highly technical system that can take many months to master.

The system of psychic development, described in this book, is much easier and faster than RV. But you should know that certain remote viewing principles did inform the system of psychic development that this book explains.

This book is not a book on occultism, mysticism or New Age philosophy.

Christianity – This is a system that was originally designed by Christians for Christians. However, this system of psychic training has evolved over the years, so you don’t have to be a member of a Christian church to learn from this system as it now exists. But you do have to at least be open to certain principles of Christian spirituality. This is not a book that teaches you the practice of the religion of Christianity. What it does teach is how to open yourself to the Holy Spirit, which is the active and invisible force that comes from our Creator. This connection with the Holy Spirit can help you in achieving your goals in life.

In the Bible, there are a number of passages which refer to miraculous healing taking place through a laying on of hands. For example, in Acts 28:8 the apostle Paul heals a man named Publius by praying and laying his hands on him.

Reiki healing is a system of healing developed in Japan which also heals through a laying on of hands. Not all Reiki healers are Christians, but some are. The word “Reiki” is a Japanese word that is often translated as “universal life force”, but it can be translated in other ways. English speaking persons usually pronounce Reiki as “ray-key” but Japanese speaking persons usually pronounced it somewhat differently. It is made up of two words, “rei” and “ki”. I don’t speak Japanese, but a Japanese speaking Christian once told me that the word “rei” can be translated as Holy, and that the word “ki” can be translated as Spirit. So the word Reiki could be translated as Holy Spirit. And this is how the Christian Reiki healers who influenced this book translated the word Reiki. So for them, Reiki healing is really Holy Spirit healing.

If I’m not a Christian, why would I want to study this book?

Even if you’re not a Christian, you may find that this system of psychic development is useful to you; nevertheless, as author of this book, I do understand why some people don’t care for Christianity. If you are such a person, you may have had bad experiences with certain Christians. Although I am a Christian, I do know that some Christians can be overbearing or judgmental. You may have disagreements with Christians who are homophobic. You may have been raised in a Christian family that was dysfunctional. You may have been a member of a Christian Church that rejected you or with which you disagreed. You may see conservative Christianity as a political movement to which you are opposed. You may believe in a religion or philosophy other than Christianity. Or you may personally reject all organized philosophy and simply choose to believe in your own individualized view of things.

What you have to understand is that this is not a book on religion; it is a book that teaches psychic ability as a spiritual practice.

Consider this:
You can study yoga without being a Hindu. You can study mindfulness without being a Buddhist. You can study Tai Chi without being a Taoist. And therefore you can learn to develop your gifts of the spirit without being a religious Christian.

However, in the study of yoga you would use some Hindu terms and concepts. In this spiritual system, described in this book, you will find some Christian terms and aspects of Christian spirituality. But you don’t have to identify yourself as a religious Christian in order to use this system.

Isn’t any Psychic practice a part of the New Age Movement?

The system of psychic development described in this book is different than that found in Wiccan practice, occultism, mysticism or New Age channelling. There are no practices in this book that actually conflict with traditional Christian theology. You won’t be asked to worship false gods or graven images. You won’t be encouraged to channel strange spiritual entities.

Are the practices in this book acceptable for all Christians?

Most Christians would have no problems with this system. Everything in this book is in agreement with basic Christian beliefs and the teachings of Jesus as found in the Bible. But the specific belief systems of Christian churches do differ. And some Christians do interpret the Bible in narrow-minded and dogmatic ways. So in all honesty, some persons who identify themselves as Christians might not find this book acceptable.

How does this system work?

There is a Creator who is the wellspring of all existence. From this Creator comes the active will and invisible force we call the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, your human abilities are sadly limited, but when you attune yourself to the Holy Spirit, your abilities are greatly expanded. And when you are fully opened to the Holy Spirit, miracles become possible. And that’s what it means to develop your gifts of the spirit, which are your divinely endowed psychic abilities.

But the Holy Spirit need not be thought of in religious terms. Reiki energy can be described as the universal life force.

Consider this:
The laws of nature are universal. The law of gravity applies everywhere on Earth and in outer space, and this is true of all time periods: past, present and future. The universal application of the laws of nature implies a single source of creation for all of nature. When your mind and consciousness is out of harmony with this source of all creation, you are disempowered because the universal life force ceases to be available to you. But you become empowered by regaining a harmony with this source of all creation because you then become opened to this universal life force.

So this system of psychic training consist of three aspects, all of which are intended to assist you in opening to the universal life force and developing psychic power.

These three aspects are:

1) Teachings about the functions of the psychic mind.

2) Teachings intended to assist you with making an attitude adjustment, conducive to psychic ability.

Such teachings consist of statements designed to confront wrong minded ideas, common to contemporary society, which place you intellectually out of harmony with the universal life force.

The validity of any teaching in this book may be questioned by you. Nobody expects you to mindlessly accept everything you read here, but in reading certain teachings, your thinking will be challenged.

So the purpose of some of the writings in this book are to get you to question some of your ingrained attitudes so that you can form a new way of thinking that allows for psychic ability. You don’t have to agree with everything you read in this book, but you are going to have to learn to think outside of the box.

3) Training practices that you perform on a regular basis which will assist you in developing psychic powers.

Some of these training practices remove mental blocks to psychic power and some of them exercise mental abilities necessary to psychic power.

So this system of psychic ability consists of reading the lessons, in a sequential fashion, and performing the training practices on a regular basis.

The study of lessons and the training practices are structured to lead you up to a point where you work your way through the psychic threshold. There actually may be a number of psychic thresholds which you past through.

Once your psychic abilities emerge, how you access them and utilize them will depend upon your individual talents. And at some point you may find that you don’t need the structure of training anymore.

How difficult is it to develop psychic abilities?

This really depends upon the individual. Everyone has differing potentials for psychic power and differing forms of latent psychic ability.

Everyone has latent psychic powers which are unused. Undoubtably this is true for you as well. You were born with psychic powers. But you were raised in a culture that taught you to suppress your natural psychic abilities. By the time you were an adult, you probably had completely lost touch with some or all of these natural psychic abilities. This has become the norm in our society.

So this is really a matter of reclaiming powers that have always been within you. The challenge that you’ll face is in overcoming some of your social conditioning. This may or may not be difficult for you.

Some people put in very little work in developing their psychic powers, and yet in doing so they achieve a useful level of psychic ability. For many people, all they want to do is to enhance their intuitive abilities to such a degree that it helps them to achieve their goals in life. These are usually things like health, prosperity, romantic love, family, safety and happiness.

You probably had some goal in mind when you acquired this book. Perhaps you were just interested in seeing what it would be like to develop your psychic powers.

This book describes a course in psychic training. Every lesson exposes you to certain concepts that help in developing your psychic powers. Within each of these lessons you are given a description of a practical training drill. Some of these training drills are intended to be done only once, and some are intended to be repeated on a regular basis until your psychic abilities more fully emerge.

Other people have done this course before you, and in all honesty, not everyone makes it through all of these lessons. But most people do experience some degree of psychic awakening even if they only make it part way through the course.

But just reading the book will not awaken your psychic powers. You have to do the training drills if you expect to develop psychic ability. And this does require some effort.

I have known some students of this course who have developed profound and transformational levels of psychic ability. But this usually did require consistent work and dedication. The fastest time that anyone has successfully completed all of these lessons was about forty days. And usually it takes longer.

But there are some students that have spent only a week or so in study, never making it through all of the lessons, and yet have developed a useful degree of psychic awakening.

You are really the one who is in control. How far you go and the level of psychic power you attain is up to you.

How do I begin my psychic training?

I would be best if you studied this system with another open-minded and good-hearted person. It’s ideal if you have a study partner; so your first step might be to find someone else to study with.

But if you choose to study alone, you can start your training right away. The lessons in the earlier sections of this book can be done by one person working alone. Eventually you will come across some lessons that do require a study partner if you are to do the training drills. Yet you don’t have to do these later training drills in order to get the benefits from this system of training. So even studying by yourself, you can develop some level of psychic ability.

There are thirty lessons in this book, and some extra material in the Appendix. Even if you don’t make it through all of the lessons, you may awaken some helpful degree of psychic awareness. You may find that you get what you want from this book even if you only make it through the beginning lessons. You’ll have to decide how far you’ll go. This book is designed to be studied in a sequential fashion. You’ll get better results if you don’t jump around by skipping lessons and trying to do the later ones out of sequence. So start with the first lesson.

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